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Sharing and Caring 

is an ecumenical, cooperative Christian Ministry of concern and services to meet the needs of the poor, the hungry, the abused, the oppressed and those who have none to care for them in Habersham County. The organization is totally staffed by volunteers who operate two thrift stores which help generate funds to help those in our community. 


In the early months of 1982, three Clarkesville ministers had a dream- a vision! Concerned with the plight of the poor and the needy in the area, they envisioned a place where the efforts of many individuals and churched could combine to reach out and follow our Lord’s command to provide “food for the hungry, drink for the thirsty, and clothing for the naked.” The three ministers were joined by many others who were concerned about these needs in Habersham County. After many meetings, careful planning and much prayer, the Habersham County Churches in Cooperative Ministry was born. The ministry would establish a center that would operate entirely by volunteers and would be called “The Sharing and Caring Place.” On February 1, 1983 the Clarkesville Place opened to receive clients and give assistance. The following year, seeing the need for another branch of the ministry in the southern part of the county, the Cornelia Place was opened. From these small beginnings, Sharing and Caring has become a truly wonderful Habersham County “institution” which has grown each year, and has provided an effective, ecumenical, and cooperative Christian ministry, serving many thousands of residents in the area.

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